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    Dave’s solar powered home creates energy independence and security.

    The house is heated by the winter sun warming the cement floor and an in slab radiant heating system. The hot water for heating the slab is provided by the solar thermal array and a highly efficient gas boiler. The sun produces 70% of the domestic hot water with a very efficient gas fired water heater as backup. A 3.2 KW solar electric system provides most of the electricity

    The 1800 square foot 2 bedroom gambrel is super insulated. A metal roof and cement board siding provide a low maintenance exterior. The home is built on a frost wall with an R-20 insulated cement slab serving as the finished floor at ground level. The walls are built with structural insulated panels. The urethane panels are rated at R-38. The gambrel truss roof is insulated with dense packed cellulose and averages around R-70.

    A heat recovery ventilator extracts stale air and brings fresh outside air into this very tightly sealed home. The fresh air is warmed during the winter by the stale air as it is vented to the exterior.

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