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    Eco-Village One: Maine’s First Affordable Zero-Energy Housing Development

    Eco Village One

    Eco Village One

    Eco Village One

    Eco Village One

    Eco Village One

    Eco Village One

    We propose to build Maine’s first zero-energy affordable housing subdivision. Homes are designed with energy saving systems and priced to sell within the guidelines of Maine State Housing.

    Department of Energy defines a zero energy house as being 70% more efficient than a conventionally built home. We know that we can do better. Our proposed homes will feature:

    • Super insulation
    • Air exchange system
    • Passive solar
    • Energy star rated appliances
    • Compact fluorescent lights

    The above list will achieve more than 70% energy savings.

    We will also offer options:

    • Photovoltaic solar array for clean green electricity
    • Solar thermal for domestic hot water
    • Solar thermal fot hot air heating

    Our demonstration project will show that it is possible to achieve near zero energy in an affordable home. Investors will share the credit for helping to achieve this in the State of Maine. With a bottom-up impact on the housing industry, our project will serve as a model for all houses, proving we can have an impact on creating energy independence at any price level.

    Eco-Village One: Bath, Maine

    Island Carpentry proposes to develop an innovative four-lot subdivision near downtown Bath. Eco-Village One will be developed as a first-time home buyer’s subdivision, located within walking distance of schools and City amenities. The homes will be built to zero-energy standards and will be priced within Maine State Housing guidelines for first time home buyers. The homes will be superinsulated, passive solar, and will have renewable energy systems.

    This innovative project, the first affordable zero energy development in Maine, will be a credit to the City of Bath. Our demonstration project will show that it is possible to achieve near zero-energy in an affordable home. With a bottom-up impact on the housing industry, this development will serve as a state-wide model, demonstrating the practicality of zero-energy homes.

    The owners of these homes will enjoy the benefits of high performance building techniques. The homes will be very energy efficient, reducing heating costs by about 70%, compared to conventionally built homes. The homes will be very air tight and ventilated with heat recovery ventilation systems to insure a healthy interior environment. A thermal solar collector to produce domestic hot water is an option we will offer. These will be healthy green homes that provide energy independence to the owners.

    The homes will be ready for photovoltaic solar arrays that produce electricity. Electricity produced from renewable sources can make a home one hundred percent self-sufficient, achieving total energy independence for the home owner.

    We feel that this is a win-win situation for all involved. For Island Carpentry it will create a model that we can duplicate in other towns. For the buyers these homes will provide long-term energy security; the homes will always remain affordable. For the City of Bath the project demonstrates a commitment to progress and sustainability, and a commitment to residential development within the City.

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