Zero Energy Project: The Future is Now

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If you are thinking of building a new home the Zero Energy Project web site is a great place to find valuable information regarding net zero energy homes. The Zero Energy Project is here to connect you with resources and empower … Read More

Australia should follow Obama’s solar SunShot

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The US government has announced a US$36 million program to develop technologies that turn solar PV and storage batteries into a new kind of decentralised, virtual power source which some are calling ‘the internet of energy’. This is just the … Read More

Rise and Shine, Maine: It’s Time to Solarize

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Welcome to the age of renewable energy and collaboration. Six years ago in 2009, a group of citizens in Portland, Oregon began a community collaborative program that brings homeowners and businesses together to purchase solar energy installations for buildings in … Read More

HERS Rating Freeport Project

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Dec 14 Hi Mike: Attached please find the Final HERS Report for the Humphrey Residence in Freeport. Of the 1,000 plus new HERS Rated homes I have evaluated over the years, this home is clearly in the very small group of truly … Read More

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There is NO Better Time to go Net Zero!