BrightBuilt Homes and Island Carpentry: Delivering You Beautiful and Affordable Zero Energy Homes

BrightBuilt Homes
BrightBuilt Homes at Island Carpentry’s Zero Energy Home in Kelsey Brook of Freeport, Maine

Island Carpentry is currently partnered with BrightBuilt Homes for our net zero energy home at Kelsey Brook in Freeport, Maine. BrightBuilt Home was founded by award-winning Kaplan Thompson Architects with the mission of providing state of the art, healthy, low-energy, affordable homes. Our project at Kelsey Brook utilizes BrightBuilt’s modular home design.

These the are the three parts of building a modular home:

  1. Finding Land
  2. Choosing or Modifying, or Creating a Design
  3. Build—Deliver—Complete

First, Island Carpentry and BrightBuilt works with you, the homebuyer, to choose the best location for your home. BrightBuilt uses their expertise to factor in qualities such as maximum solar access and views. With low-energy or net zero energy homes, all stages of homebuilding matters in creating the most cost-effective and energy-efficient home possible.

The second step of modular home construction is the design. You may choose nine stock designs to start from, and BrightBuilt Home is also happy to either modify an existing design or create an entire new design to suit your needs. BrightBuilt’s expert design team use state of the art energy models to, in their words, “create for you the best “metrics-focused hemispherically-oriented energy-optimized maximally-pristine high-performance domicile”—aka home—that we possibly can.”

Third, BrightBuilt Homes uses the best modular building companies in the New England region to put together the parts of your modular home, including the framing, insulating, dry walling and painting. The modules are then delivered, set, sealed and roofed at your site.

BrightBuilt’s modular as well as on-site buildings also utilize project builders like Island Carpentry who have the most knowledge and experience in green building and zero energy homes. Together, Island Carpentry and the architect teams at Kaplan Thompson and BrightBuilt Homes harmonize on values based in green building, environmental protection, energy independence, carbon reduction, cost-efficiency, and beautiful, durable, comfortable, secure, and healthy homes.

Bright Built Home
Zero Energy Home Built by Island Carpentry

We agree that for the homebuyer there has never been a better time to choose a low- or zero energy home.

The homes delivered by BrightBuilt and Island Carpentry offer:

  • security against rising fuel costs
  • greater durability
  • greater comfort
  • greater savings thanks to reduced or eliminated monthly utility costs
  • investments for the future thanks to features allowing easy installment of future technologies, as well as solar technologies that place your home ahead of the curve in real estate markets as solar prices decrease
  • satisfaction in living in alignment with the health of our biosphere

You can find more information on Kaplan Thompson’s beautiful, sustainable and attainable works here; BrightBuilt here, and stay tuned for a deeper look into Island Carpentry’s project at Kelsey Brook. We look forward to working more with BrightBuilt, and we would love to work with you to make your dream of a zero energy home a reality.