Energy Efficient Housing for Maine Senior Citizens

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Yesterday, Maine citizens voted to pass Question Two: The Senior Affordable Housing Bond:

The Senior Affordable Housing Bond authorizes the sale of $15 million in general obligation bonds, to be used in combination with more than $22 million in leveraged funds, for the construction of approximately 225 affordable, highly energy efficient homes for Maine’s seniors in strategic locations across the state.

It is relieving to see two important priorities being recognized by Mainers:

1) The need to care for our seniors.

2) The need of building an energy efficient infrastructure for the 21st century.

Maine has the oldest population in the country, and the 8th oldest housing stock. That means we need new homes for our elders, and at this point, it’s a no-brainer that all new housing projects should be built with high energy efficiency.

The bond is expected to fund around 225 housing projects around the state, with four guaranteed for rural counties and the majority of projects intended to be located with access to health care and other essential goods and services.

Way to go Maine, we got question 2 right.

–Dan White