Eco Shingle Style There is something about a shingle style home that draws me to it. This graceful, angular, Eco-Friendly home, sitting high on a hillside overlooking Casco Bay with a clear view of the White Mountains to the west, will be sided with rustic red cedar shingles allowing it to blend naturally into the coastal landscape.

Fine craftsmanship and spectacular views combined with green high performance building techniques will make this home special. Windows on the South side will provide natural lighting and passive solar heating. High levels of insulation and air sealing maximize energy efficiency. A geothermal heat pump and in slab radiant heat will provide comfort during our long winters. Solar energy systems that produce hot water and electricity can be incorporated into the design.

The cost to heat this home has been estimated to be 733.00 annually. The geothermal heat pump will run at night when off peak electricity is less expensive. If a 4kw photovoltaic array is included in the design this home will be totally energy independent.

This home is packaged with a building lot in Harpswell but can be built anyplace. For more information call 207-371-2030 and ask for Mike.