HERS Rating Freeport Project

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Dec 14

Hi Mike:

Attached please find the Final HERS Report for the Humphrey Residence in Freeport.

Of the 1,000 plus new HERS Rated homes I have evaluated over the years, this home is clearly in the very small group of truly high performance homes.

As we discussed, even though this home did not qualify for the Energy Star Home label due to the kitchen range hood using a charcoal filtering system rather than being vented to the outside, this home is still built considerably better than the minimum energy performance features required by Energy Star.

– This home scored a HERS Index of 20, which is 80% better than the baseline HERS Index of 100.

– This home is very close to being a Net Zero Energy Home ( HERS Index of 0 or lower )

– This home would need to score a maximum HERS Index of 67 to qualify for ESTAR, so it is actually 47% Better than some ESTAR homes.

– This home exceeds IECC 2012 requirements when both Maine Code and ESTAR only require IECC 2009.

Mike – I enjoyed working with you on this project.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  

Best, ~Wes~

Wes Riley

Freelance Home Energy Performance Consultant

HERS Rater-Trainer-QAD